Our Partners

Cheshire Chutney Co

Cheshire Chutney Co. provide us with a wide range of top-quality condiments, chutneys and jams. Used throughout our menu, these delicious products are integrated into some of our popular dishes so you can have a taste of them yourself. Whether you enjoy the Plum & Ale Chutney or have had your eye on the Strawberry & Prosecco Jam, be sure to have a look at them when you come to The Park.

Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

Located in the centre of Cheshire, the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm first started in 1980 and has since transformed into a popular tourist attraction. When the warm weather begins make sure you look out for the Ice Creams that we will have available.

Tilley Green Coffee

Located in Shropshire, Tilley Green Coffee pride themselves on not just specialising in coffee, as they also offer high quality, speciality teas. Tilley Green Coffee have a passion for being ethical, shown as they are accredited by the Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade. The produce they supply for The Park is an integral part of us ensuring our drinks are of the highest quality.

Design Office UK Ltd

The Design Office UK Ltd based in Crewe created our Brand, Logo, Strapline and helped us launch our business. The team at Design Office UK Ltd also uniquely have designed and developed our Website along with producing our Signage, Menu’s, Cafe Graphics, Uniforms, Loyalty Cards etc all in one place.

See what they can do for you

Doodleicious by Sarah Cooper

To help create our warm and welcoming atmosphere, you may notice that we have Doodleicious Art prints displayed around the coffee shop. Designed by Sarah Capper, a creative entrepreneur, the naturistic designs help to bring the outdoors inside to help customers get a true sense of the Wrenbury countryside.